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OT: MAXEME'S-- the Linguist's Restaurant

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, December 23, 2001, 5:24
I don't know if postings from Irina's Relay site are sent to the list in
general, but if not, and in brief:  in a (surprise!) OT msg. someone had a
lapsus mentis and wrote "omlaut" for "omelette". That prompted me to say it
belonged on what I recalled as the Linguist's Menu, which appeared in the
McCawley Festschrift "Out in Left Field".  Now I've checked the original--
it was titled as above, and all the dishes but one were plays on various
linguists' names.

D.Tse asked if I remembered any more of it; indeed, I have a well-worn xerox
copy of the whole book (and it's a gem!).  So here, just in time to help you
plan your Halliday meals, is a sampling (the whole thing is bit long to
cite, and many of the names may no longer be familiar.  Attention students:
it's due for updating.)

<begin quote>
Carter, Gruber, Lakoff, Lakoff and Ross, 1971, "Maxeme's: The Linguist's
Restaurant", in Zwicky et al.,eds., _Studies out in left field:  defamatory
essays presented to James D. McCawley, on the occasion of his 33rd or 34th
birthday_, Linguistic Research Inc., Edmonton/Champaign ©1971


Fruit Joos - Martineted herring - Yuan Ren Chaoder - Sprachgefühlte fish

Sapirribs - Lakoff Lamb - Sole Saporta - Boiled Hallebutt [sic]  {RFM note:
although a relatively minor Michigan prof. is used twice, there's no Broiled
Pike, a shameful omission}

Chom Skuey - Enchiladefoged - Haasenpfeffer - Labov Bourguignon

Katzup, Horswadesh, Hallidaise sauce

McCawleyflower - Klima beans - Asapiragus - Troubeetskoy - Kiparsley

From the Grill and Twaddellicatessen:   Hampburgers - Frankfodors -

Grimm crackers - Hall wheat bread - Humboldt pie - Lehmann meringue P.I.E. -

Panini split [diacritics omitted] - Idiot's Delightner - Strawberry

Grapes of Kurath - Applesaussure - Aprikoutsoudas

Bever-ages:  Rheinweinreich - Martinet - Soda Bopp - Puhveltine -

Breakfast dishes:  Rice Vacheks - Corn Flakoffs - Cream of Whitney -
Whorfles - Toast with Hahney or Marmeladefoged
<end quote>

Bon Appetit!


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