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Re: Conlang Flag Design

From:Arnt Richard Johansen <arj@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 31, 2004, 14:16
On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon) wrote:

> Right, it's time to take this seriously. > > I've drawn a (very) rough sketch of a flag, based on the following > ideas and considerations: > > [Here's the sketch: > <>] > > Anyway, this is a very rough sketch of an idea, which is provided so > that it can be discussed, developed and improved through collective > input. What do you think?
I think it looks somewhat too busy. I also dislike the golden faces. People in flags are generally not a good idea. When I look at your faces, I get the impression of some sightless idols from an ancient, long-forgotten temple that are spewing out some kind of indeterminate tape. I don't get any immediate impression of language. The choice of colours is too reminiscent of the anarchist flag[1]. (Some people might regard this similarity as advantageous.) Criticism aside, what WOULD be good design elements in a flag? As I see it, we don't have a lot of pre-existing symbolic material to choose from. Colours: Green, from Esperanto, and the green ribbon of conlang. Some people might object to it, because of Esperanto's auxlang taint. Symbols: A glyph from a constructed script might be appropriate. But which one? Well-known scripts such as tengwar or pIqaD might just create associations towards Tolkien and Klingon, respectively. How about a pen or other writing implement? Or a mouth, or an ear? Could these be combined in a clever way? The Bliss symbol for "language" is pretty simple, and yet iconic[2]. Another suggestion might be to use a symbol for creation, or newness. A sunrise, or rays of light could be used for this; see the flag of the Seychelles[3]. --- [1] [2] [3] -- Arnt Richard Johansen <JohnCowan> Can someone poke Shawn? <JayKominek> next meeting, electroshock devices go under everyone's chairs. <MarkShoulson> Just send an EOU to their terminal (end of user. Makes terminal explode)


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