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Re: Translation exercise - children

From:Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, February 18, 1999, 22:37
Irina Rempt <ira@...> wrote:
> I got this from the egroups website a while ago and finally got > around to having a go at it. I couldn't discover who posted it > (snipped the text from a response) sorry! It resonates with things > I've recently been writing about Valdyan culture - it could be a text > for the feast day of Timoine, the goddess of beginnings. >=20 > > "a great freedom for all the children, and that they won't tell > > us what to eat and what to think. that they won't ask us to do > > what we don't want to, and that they won't say things that we > > don't understand. that all the children will go up into the > > trees and that all the adults will become small!"
This is the text in Drasele'q. Note that `, ', ^ are really a grave, an accute, and a circumflex over the previous vowel, showing long vowel, stress, and stressed long vowel, resp. Default stress goes on the penult. <q> =3D /q/ <th> =3D /T/ <dh> =3D /D/ <u"> =3D <=FC> (u diaeresis) =3D /y/ "On dhidhanthn i qlonval nertain. Siarn fraburfu'dhdimberaqai ima'lataut qenthn, ka'ladaut qenthn. Lip siar fragi'mnilimberaqai gu'fataut bu"rrn fraradhut bu"nd, taus frabu'rsimperaiek i=20 lima^rth franavut b=FCntth. Ma`sstu"r roto'vneraiek on dhidhanth mi endhi'totseraiek on tiosst!" Taken apart: On dhidhanthn i qlonval nertain. all children.OB * great freedom Siarn fraburfu'dhdimberaqai we.OB ima'lataut qenthn, ka'ladaut qenthn.=20 eat.FUT.1p+ what-OB think.FUT.1p+ what.OB Lip siar fragi'mnilimberaqai from we gu'fataut bu"rrn fraradhut bu"nd, do.FUT.1p+ it.OB not-want.1p+ it.OB.REL taus frabu'rsimperaiek i lima^rth franavut b=FCntth. and * things.OB not-get.1p+ them.OB.REL Ma`sstu"r roto'vneraiek on dhidhanth trees.LOC go-up.SUBJ.FUT.3p all children mi endhi'totseraiek on tiosst!" and make-small.MV.SUBJ.FUT.3p all adults OB =3D objective case; usually accusative, but dative in constructions with two objects. SUBJ =3D subjuntive mode FUT =3D future tense REL =3D relativization (mostly for pronouns) LOC =3D locative case MV =3D middle voice * =3D the particle <i> is used to mark the direct object in ditransitive verbs ("give STHG to sbdy"), and also as a kind of partitive (like French "de, des"). To Irina: I used passive voice ("let us not be told") instead of the general "they" ("that they won't tell us"). I'm not sure if this indirectness was what the author of the text was after. The "they" construction is more informal and perhaps more suitable for a cheerful tone. But in Drasele'q there's a tendency towards the passive voice, so I chose to respect my own rules. If "they" are actually the adults and there's a need for emphasis, it's OK to use the original form.=20 --Pablo Flores