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Translation exercise - children

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Thursday, February 18, 1999, 9:56
I got this from the egroups website a while ago and finally got
around to having a go at it. I couldn't discover who posted it
(snipped the text from a response) sorry! It resonates with things
I've recently been writing about Valdyan culture - it could be a text
for the feast day of Timoine, the goddess of beginnings.

> "a great freedom for all the children, and that they won't tell > us what to eat and what to think. that they won't ask us to do > what we don't want to, and that they won't say things that we > don't understand. that all the children will go up into the > trees and that all the adults will become small!"
This is the Valdyan: lesneni alea erin moy, ani so na groneseyt ni cusali croneyn ni cusali rastineyn. ani dila na bycheseyt sali dila napurynan, na layneseyt so sali na li rastayn. lesni alea reshinan hineseyt salni alea so rhaseseyt! And taken apart: (if you don't understand my admittedly idiosyncratic glossing style, please ask!) lesneni alea erin moy, ani so na groneseyt child-dat-p P3pA freedom great, P1p-O and NEG tell-3p-inc-SBJ to children all freedom great, us and not they're going to tell ni cusali croneyn ni cusali rastineyn. NEG Q-P3indN-O eat-1p-SBJ NEG Q-P3indN-O think-1p-SBJ neither what we should eat nor what we should think. ani dila na bycheseyt sali dila P1p-O do-INF NEG require-3p-inc-SBJ P3indN-O do-INF us to do not they're going to ask something to do napurynan, na layneseyt so sali na li NEG-want-1p-PRS NEG say-3p-inc-SBJ and P3indN-O NEG P3pN-O we don't want, not they're going to say and something not it rastayn. lesni alea reshinen hineseyt understand-1p-PRS child-nom-p P3pA tree-ill-p climb-3p-inc-SBJ we understand. children all into trees are going to climb salni alea so rhaseseyt! adult-nom-p P3pA and diminish-3p-inc-SBJ adults all and are going to become small Note that when clauses are joined by "and", the conjunction follows the first constituent: _ani so na groneseyt_ "and they're not going to tell us". In a negative sentence, the verb always requires a negation, even if other things are negated: _ani na groneseyt ni cusali croneyn ni cusali rastineyn_ "they're *not* going to tell us *neither* what to eat *nor* what to think". I've used the subjunctive (irrealis; used for uncertainty) inceptive for all the "that" clauses, because the (minimal) context seemed to suggest that rather than the future indicative. The inceptive in itself (marked by -es-) usually means that something is about to begin, or is just beginning: _lea daysenat_ "it's raining", _lea daysenesat_ "it's starting to rain", "it's going to rain presently". Irina