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Re: Meaning related to sound

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Sunday, December 27, 1998, 14:50
Hello Garrett,

czwartek, 24 grudnia 1998, you wrote:

G> I'd like some input on some things for malat. I'm thinking of making my
G> vocabulary related slightly to the sound of the words. Here are some ideas
G> I have come up with so far:

G> k = any stop (p,b,t,d,k,g)
G> f = any fricative (f,v,s,z,sh,zh,th,dh,kh,gh)
G> m = any nasal (m,n,L,ng)

G> harsh, quick, noisy, strong, etc:
G> k-k, f-k

G> flowing, continuous, soft, etc:
G> f-f, fm-f

G> neutral words would be either k-f or others.

and sh/zh/tS/dZ are pretty SHarp:
like polish no'z. [nuS] = knife
or polish szabla [Sabla] = saber
or polish miecz [mjetS] = sword
gillotine :)