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USAGE: Translation fid: Re: USAGE: Vulgate (was: Slezan)

From:Adam Walker <carrajena@...>
Date:Friday, January 30, 2004, 17:56
(crossposting to romconlang)

--- Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...> wrote:
> --- Adam Walker <carrajena@...> wrote: > > > > Anyone interested in comparison can pick up > > > the > > > "Celtic Gospels" (Oxford), which is one of > > > the Old Latin forms. > > > > Know how to get a hold of a copy? > > Acutally, I just did a search at Amazon under > books for "Celtic Gospels" (by Hopkins - james) > and it came up, so you should have no trouble > ordering a copy. >
Well, once I'm employeed again, I'll look into it. For now I'm confined to what I already own or what I can find on the net.
> > You bet your baby's pink booties it would! Oh, > > I'd > > love to get hold of a good source on North > > African Vulgar Latin! > > Let us know if you ever do! >
Assuredly! <snip my sig and your trans>
> That was easy! Try this one: > > Uidens autem ihs/ turbas ascendit inmontem et > cumsedisset accesserunt adeum discipuli eius et > aperuit ossuum et docebat eos dicens :: Beati > pauperes sp/u qm/ ipsorum est regnum caelorum > Beati mites quoniam ipsi possedebunt terram Beati > qui lucent nunc qm/ ipsi consulabuntur Beati qui > esuriunt et sitiunt iustitiam quoniam ipsi > consulabuntur > > And when you've got that one, try this: > > Un'% ds/ & n/ e/ ali' p/t eu/ >
I'll get to work on both of those (soon as I figure out what the second one is! For now here's something I just finished for the curious guy on RomanByzantineAltHist who's still trying to figure C-a out. 1. Edjuebu vaded ul Jezu ad il Mundi djals zedunas. 2. Ed in il primaluchivinad Jun ad ul tempuu ed vinans todu ul pobuu ad sivi; ed regumvad didaxindu juns. 3. Edjuebu traduchans uls scrivus ed uls Fariseus juna mujera fin ñabrindad in ul aduteju ed cojogavans jan in ul medju. 4. Ed minchunaruns Jun:«Didasculu, ñabrindad fista mujera dumindri falandu aduteju. 5. Edjuebu mandud ul Moxeu in il Ledji fi ragamemus als fistas, peru fi dichi Tu?» 6. Dichiruns fistu pera tempari Jun pera eseuns podudu xagari ad Sivi. Peru xincuinud ul Jezu ed scrived in al terra cun ul su dedu pazi nu eseud judidu juns. 7. Edjuebu jen cumvi repregumparuns Jun, xinrepud, ed dichud ad sivis: «Exudi dji vosus jun fin nu aved als pecadelas butedi al perra primoja cundra sivi.» 8. Ed xincuinud dji novu, ed scrived in al terra. 9. Edjuebu avesiruns junu peu junu djul anchinu uls fin avins judidu, cada remañed staripedindu solu al mujera in ul medju. 10. Edjuebu xinrepud ul Jezu, dichid ad al mujera, «Ai! Esti vi ul negunu fin cundiñud tivi?» 11. Dichid jan, «Domini, ul negunu.» Edjuebu dichid ul Jezu, «Nevi cundiñu tivi; ji, ed nu peca madji. Juañu 8:1-11 What think ye? Adam ===== Indjindrud edjuebu ul Aram ad ul Aminadab. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Aminadab ad ul Naason. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Naason ad ul Salmon. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Salmon djal Ragava ad ul Boez. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Boez djal Ruda ad ul Obed fin indjindrud edjuebu ad ul Jesai. Indjindrud edjuebu ul Jesai ad ul Davidu ul regu. Machu 1:4-5