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Mi no parla italiano ! (was: Re: No more plural? No, more plural!)

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 16, 2005, 21:58
Roger Mills wrote:

>>Ho, wait... I already did! The inalienable possession can't be expressed >>through a determiner when it's the possession of a rational entity >>(person and assimilated). You have to say: >> >>**the mine friends
> Maybe not so French, but it looks like Italian, Portuguese or Old Spanish to > me....:-)))))) > > i miei amici > > proteja o nosso bom nome 'protect the our good name' > de los sos ojos... 'from the his eyes...'
Henrik also wrote so, so I hate you both. ;-) I hate to be kicked in the lower back by ANADEWes. Maybe it's not a so good idea not to study natlangs' grammars? At least, I could stop claiming that I don't speak Europaish when I just do it. <g> Any way, Shaquelingua isn't like Italian because this qualificative construction applies only to inter-personal relations (e.g. my friends, my family) which are inalienable according to the shaquean grammar. What I wrote before was incomplete. So this construction doesn't apply to the name nor to the eyes. daji ratas yiri, çakë lojutla keshçäka tir, be çteli ko'zorja. [daji: ratas Hixi] [CakE 4oju.t4a kez.C3ka tix] [be: Cde4i ko:'zoxja] daji ratas yiri, 3SG.PROPR look/eyes against.POSTP çakë lojutla keshçäka tir, 1PE.PROPR moral DOTA be çteli ko'zorja QLT protection IMP.FUT=DEFR:2SG = **Let you make our good family name protected against his look. (I didn't know who the addressee was so I used a deferential 2SG.) The qualificative construction works with "friend" as I said before but the qualificative doesn't carry any marking of number or gender, only the "neutral" marking of the circumstantial case. vo kaji govilä ! [vo: kaji govi43] vo kaji govilä DEF 1SG.PROPR friend = **(from) The mine friend! And I will keep it this way because --as Tom said-- at least, the european languages don't make the collective/distributive distinction the way Shaquelngua does. One too european feature isn't enough to make Shaquelingua look like european. It still has no verb... And I need to freeze it, to stop its unstoppable evolution so I can finish writing its grammar... maybe one day before the end of this century. tul'xej koçö'rja. [tu4(u)'Zej koCO:'xja] (**Keep on expressing thyself) -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================