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Re: Head-marking languages and adpositions?

From:JS Bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Friday, September 20, 2002, 17:00
Amanda Babcock sikyal:

> Hey, now there's a good idea: a list of the minimal set of languages from > among the world's language families that could exemplify all the different > extremes. The smallest sample set that would encompass: > > - a good model [isolating | agglutinating | polysynthetic] language > - a good model [nominative-accusative | ergative | active | trigger] > language > - a good model [head-initial | head-final] language > - a good model [dependent-marking | head-marking] language
I'll give this a shot. I nominate: Turkish as agglutinating, nom-acc, dependent-marking Mohawk (or related langs) as polysynthetic, active Tagalog as trigger, head-initial, head-marking I'm pretty sure that there are some Indic langs that can qualify as both isolating and ergative, which then takes care of it. Note that since you have 4 options in one category, you can't do this with less than 4 languages. Apologies for any errors in the above. Jesse S. Bangs "What are you, a dentist? Or a hippie? Or some kind of hippie dentist?" --Strong Bad (of Homestar Runner)


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