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Re: Exercise in orthographic aesthetics

From:LIJESH KRISHNAN <lijesh@...>
Date:Thursday, May 11, 2000, 8:28
> I see the word 'caror' -- could it be a Hindi loan (_k@ror_ > 'ten million')?
I know nothing about linguistic notations etc etc but _caror_ 's second r is not an r. It's a d (retroflex) with a dot under it, which is usually transliterated as rh. The sound is made quite similar to the d but the tongue just barely touches the palate. I once asked a Hindi-speaking friend of mine to say it. It's a fairly common sound - coming in words like girl (l@rhki) and wood (l@krhi). Finally I could make out the difference but there was no way I could exactly replicate it, to his liking anyway. And of course, there is an aspirated version, coming in words like paRhna (to read/study). It's usually very difficult for non-Hindi speaking people to remember this, and at school, we usually omit the dots (which I imagine is a quite terrible thing to do, linguistically). But in Urdu, the two letters are shown quite differently. Retroflex _d_ as a _twa_ over the _dal_, and _rh_ as a _twa_ over the _re_ (showing I suppose that it's closer to r) Well, I think I've broken enough notational conventions for one post. Lijesh