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Re: New Strategy

From:Davis, Iain E. <feaelin@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 18, 2002, 22:17
> -----Original Message----- > From: lblissett [mailto:blissett@OPTONLINE.NET]
> > 2. I will be better off *not* trying to use every > > sound in English, but instead I will start off with > > *fewer* sounds in my conlang.
> I made this mistake too -- it's not even something > I considered when I started making it. My language has almost > all the same sounds in English, plus a good deal more, but > I'm not really sure if I should change it at this point. > There are some sounds I could easily take out (like "b" and > "z"), but I'd have to go through and alter my entire lexicon, > which is fairly large. Point being, you're probably saving > yourself a lot of trouble by considering it now.:)
I made similar mistakes (too much english, as it were). It proved to very painful to clear up the english-isms, after I realized that it was an issue. Since originally, I didn't set out to make a language, and wasn't conscious of language differences at the time, it was probably inevitable. And yes, it proved rather tedious altering the entire lexicon, (although it went faster than I thought it was going at the time). I'm not sure I'm happy with it yet. I want to study some more. Hopefully, the result of my studying won't be "this is totally wrong, I'll redo it..again."