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Re: OT: School systems (was: Re: Introduction)

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Thursday, April 17, 2003, 15:01
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Sent: Sunday, April 13, 2003 8:36 PM
Subject: Re: OT: School systems (was: Re: Introduction)

> Joe wrote: > >In England(and Wales), if anyone's interested, we have the following: > > > >Age 4-7: Infants(Reception Year-Year 2) - equivalent to kindergarten, I > >suppose, but it is usually lumped in with School. > > Reception onwards is compulsory, AFAIK American kindergarten is not. Also, > it's rare to see seperate Infant and Junior schools, normally they're > lumped together in one building as "Primary School", with Senior school > often called "Secondary School".
Yes, I'm dividing it as much as possible, because I've seen various divisions of it.
> >Age 7-11: Juniors(Years 3-6) > >Age 11-16: Seniors(Years 7-11), at the end of which GCSEs are taken. > >Age 16-18: Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13), and A levels are taken as exams > >throughout the Sixth Form > > After the age of sixteen there are three options, not just Sixth Form. You > can either leave school, go on to Sixth Form and do A-levels or go to > College and get a vocational qualification. This isn't really as clear-cut > as it seems, as many Secondary schools have Sixth Forms, where only > A-levels are offered, yet many Colleges also offer A-Levels as well. >
Yes, but this is about -school systems-
> It's worth noting that several counties have slightly different systems: > Age 4-9: First School > Age 10-13: Middle School > Age 14-16: Upper School > > It might also be worht noting that there are two types of "Senior" state > schools (private schools are a wholly different matter): Comprehensive and > Grammar. A Grammar school is selective; pupils are chosen at the age of > eleven by taking an exam called the Eleven-Plus[1]. Grammar schools have > the reputation of being more academic and offering a better standard of > education. Comprehensive schools are open to anyone. Historically, Grammar > Schools are older, as they were first set up to teach Greek and Latin > grammar, and to this day remain the only Secondary Schools in the UK to > teach Greek or Latin as a compulsory subject to the age of 14 (Latin is
> most common, followed by "Classical Civilisations", which is a cop-out in > my opinion as it involves very little language work. Greek is pretty rare > even in Grammar Schools, although the one I went to did teach basic Attic > Greek as an option for those who chose to do Latin as a GCSE, like me). > >
Yes, though Grammar Schools are being phased out(or maybe in again).
> The abbreviation "GCSE" means "General Certificate of Secondary
> which replaced the older "GCE" ("General Certificate of Education"), which > in turn had replaced the old O-Levels (O for "Ordinary", hence A for > "Advanced" in A-Levels). GCSEs are taken in around eight different
> (although you can take as many subjects as you want- I've taken fifteen, > for example[2]), taking exams in English, Maths, Science, Technology and > Religious Education is compulsory, the other exams are in subjects chosen > by the pupil at the age of fourteen and must include at least one Humanity > (either Geography or History) and one Modern Foreign Language (Welsh > doesn't count in Wales). GCSEs are graded from A* to G. You can also get a > U grade, which means "ungradeable"- i.e. so bad the examiners can't make > head not tail of it, or "failed". > > Dan > [1] the 11+ used to be compulsory, now it's optional and not organised on
> national scale- really it's just an admisssion test set by individual > Grammar Schools. > [2] In English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, > Physics, History, Religious Education, Latin, French, German, Italian, > Spanish, Welsh and Technology, if you're interested. I was lucky enough to > have a school which allowed me to take all these exams- most would limit > you to about eight or so. I failed Technology, by the way ;o) > >
I'm only taking 10. I wish I could take 15, but I'm not organised enough to handle all the homework, etc. Damn, gave away that I'm GCSE age. If anyones interested though, I'm taking English, Science*2, RE, Maths, German, French, Spanish, History, and Geography. Basically though, those are the only ones that I could do.