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OT: School systems (was: Re: Introduction)

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Saturday, April 12, 2003, 21:56
Garth Wallace wrote:

> Where I come from, junior high is two years, and middle school comes > right before that. Kindergarten (grade 0) through 3rd grade are > elementary school, 4th through 6th grade are middle school, 7th and 8th > are junior high, and 9th through 12th are high school.
Just to clear up the Swedish school system: Age 7-9 : lågstadiet 'low stadium' 10-12 : mellanstadiet 'middle stadium' 13-15 : högstadiet 'high stadium' i.e. approx. junior high 16-18 : gymnasiet, which is approx. like high school You graduate in June so half of the people have turned 19 by then. And it's possible to start school at age 6. And that's about it. Låg-, mellan- and högstadiet are compulsory. Gymnasiet is not, but I think 96% or so go on to gymnasiet anyway. Then we have university/högskola ("högskola" is NOT the same as "high school"). University is of course free. Daniel Andreasson


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