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USAGE: Permissable /IN/ (was: [i:]=[ij]?)

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Thursday, November 2, 2000, 14:34
Roger Mills wrote:

>Irina wrote: > >>On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Nik Taylor wrote: >> >>> */IN/ is illegal in my idiolect. >> >>Then how do you pronounce "thing"?> > >Permissible pontification: (?) there is no tense/lax contrast in English >before /N/ or /r/ (at least in monosyllables). The vowel is neither [i] nor >[I], but somewhere in-between-- usually closer to [I] I think (it is for >me).
Actually, /IN/ is quite permissable in English, and I suspect in Nik's dialect as well. The thing is, /I/ is raised so that it resembles [i]. Hence, the lack of the tense/lax contrast before /N/ that Roger pointed out. *BUT*... there is still a length contrast so that one can still phonologically speak of a contrast between /IN/ and /iN/. -kristian- 8)