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Re: My web page

From:Grandsire, C.A. <grandsir@...>
Date:Friday, October 22, 1999, 7:07
Eli Naeher wrote:
> > Did my message the other day regarding the web page for my new language, > jitihk zohse'n-don, get through? I haven't seen any responses--is it the > list or my language? :) >
I bookmarked your webpage, but I lacked time yesterday to take a look at it. I'll try today. So it's not the list nor your language. It's just that sometimes real life catch you whether you like it or not :) . -- Christophe Grandsire Philips Research Laboratories -- Building WB 145 Prof. Holstlaan 4 5656 AA Eindhoven The Netherlands Phone: +31-40-27-45006 E-mail: