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kinsi rorotan: dialects and script

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Monday, October 14, 2002, 22:58
i've been working on creating several different dialects of kinsi
rorotan.  the most developed dialect is what i described in previous
posts and used in the relay.  the second most developed dialect, called
'rorofan' in kinsi rorotan, has a few interesting differences.  in this
dialect, /k/ is pronounced [C] before /i/, /y/, and /u/, and [k] before
/a/, /e/, and /o/.  also, the meanings of 'rot-' and 'rof-' are reversed;
the masc. patient endings are '-as', '-av', '-at'; and the fem. sing.
patient ending is '-ais'.  word order is also different.  the main
dialect usually uses SOV/OSV word order (except with pronouns which are
usually after the verb), while the second dialect, word order is usually
OSV, even with pronouns.  also, every word is stressed on the last
syllable, rather than on the root.

in this dialect 'endas' ('I', 'me') and 'nadas' ('you') could be either
agent or patient because they have synchronically irregular agent forms.
masc. dual nouns are also the same as agent and patient.

i've also created a script for kinsi rorotan, but i guess everyone will
just have to wait until i have enough time to set up a web site.

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