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Re : Voices

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Date:Thursday, July 1, 1999, 18:30
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 01/07/99 12:54:23  , tu as =E9crit :

> Never compare Michael Jackson to C=E9line Dion, man ! Unless you=20
> to die > soon... > =20
i knew many need to be saved ;-).
> So it seems like a semitic conlang. A semitic IAL... why not?
i don't like semitic grammar so much so it's not one but do you know where i=20 could get the list of the arabic roots ?
> >prepositions derive from verbs by suppressing all flections except for t=
> Vs=20 > >of the voice and the case :=20 > >mahanun he- : to be located by > m(ah)an(u)n (h)e- > manne : in, by, etc=
> >mayikur wa- : to be made by > m(ay)ik(u)r (w)a- > mikra : because (of)=20 > > > =20 > What are he- and wa-? Nice idea.
i think any decent ial should feature at least 12 cases or so ;-). voices ar= e=20 cases set into verbs and conversely :=20 ma-wa-kur =3D to make > ma-yi-kur =3D to be made mawakur yi- =3D to make something mayikur wa- =3D to be made by=20 et voil=E0.
> >negative : > >kawalum : to write > he-kawalum : do not write > > > =20 > He- has more than one use? (just asking)
et yes because i couldn't make up my mind. reading Sally's post i think i=20 don't need to have a "factive" mood. volitive and non-volitive is enough.=20 volitive is like Sally's volitional except it can be stuck to any voice or=20 case (and it's called volitive like in french ;-). the factive mood was h- o= f=20 he-. now he- is only negative. i still have another few points to check.
> Nice way of compounding. It reminds me of the formation of=20 > attributives in > Tj'a-ts'a~n. > =20
i check that now. Christophe Grandsire
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