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It's been in the bin all this time...

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozine@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 13, 1999, 3:07
Padraic Brown wrote:
> If the originals were "been" and "bin", then they aren't, generally, > homophones here in Md. Mostly, the one sounds like /bEn/ the other /bIn/. > I think I've got that right.
They are definitely both /bIn/ here in Delaware. Which brings me a little problem I have with my kids at school: they bring home phonics worksheets that expect them to pick the correct pictures that go with the sounds being studied, and I frequently have to explain, "yes, I know we say it this way, but they expect you to circle that picture." And, to make matters worse, there's always the matter of (a) figuring out what the stupid picture is supposed to be and (b) running into pictures that appear to make no sense because they apparently expect you to associate a word like "pop" with a picture of a "soda". :) Who gets to decide about these things??? This is conlanging relevant, since ea-luna has three very different major dialects. Which one would be the "official" school dialect would probably be a topic that would inspire small-scale clan warfare. :) They are people who take their language very seriously. Mia