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The nation of Montrei now has a flag....

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, November 18, 2000, 1:33
this is going to both conlang and conculture....

Since one of the easiest elements of a nation to start on (for me at
least) is the flag, i decided to do exactly that, create the national flag
for the Montreianos (La Bandaira Naçonal de Montrei)..

The flag (basics): A basic rectangle.Contains four colors, all significant
in meaning (White, Golden orange, Dark Green, Dark Blue). Two main
symbols, a stylized Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy), and a
disk of dark blue. Two bands of green, one band of white.


- Stylized California Poppy:  When seen from above, a typical California
poppy resembles a cross. This was seen as a lucky coincidence for the
Montreianos, being Christian. It was adopted as the national flower
because of its religious symbolism (cross shape) as well as being the most
common (well, visible) wild flower in spring throughout the nation (they
seed so readily that entire meadows and hillsides can be covered in golden
orange (as they have in my front yard)).  This stylized poppy is set on a
disk of dark blue.

- Disk of dark blue: Represents the ocean that marks the entire western
border of the nation. Also represents the sky, and the wetlands along the
coast, as well as the rivers, and various lakes and bays.

- Bands of Green and white: The green represents the abundance of the
land, as well as the forests of the coastal mountains, the hillsides and
meadows in spring after winter rains. The white represents the constant
snow of Mont Grand, the highest mountain in the nation (our Mount
Whitney), and the snows of the mountains along the eastern border.


L E  A Ñ I O  N Ò U O,  U N A  E Á  N Ò U A