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THEORY: Re : THEORY: Semivowels

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Date:Thursday, September 9, 1999, 6:22
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 08/09/99 17:44:37  , Gustavo a =E9crit :

> What really are the semivowels? I mean, are [j] and [w],
there is another beautiful one : [=FC] (can't write the IPA symbol) : french : "suave, nuit, =E9cuelle".
> respectively, just short [i] and [u], or are they really different > sounds? > Can semivowels be nasalized?
the surest way to get S nazalised is to nazalise the V after : french w in "loin, jouant" and =FC in "juin" are sometime pronounced nazalized, depending on locutor. but i don't think =FC in "puant" and j in "chien" and "lion" ever are. maybe there are phonetic rules for that ? mathias