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Re: WHAT calendar for the current year 2012

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 29, 2008, 15:05
Lars Finsen wrote:
> R A Brown wrote: > >> quoting me: >> > For example, I doubt if Christianity would have taken hold. >> >> Why on earth not?? After all *here* it precisely was in the >> Greek-speaking and thoroughly hellenized east that Christianity did >> take off! >> >> But may be it's best not pursue this as we may easily trespass into >> the minefield of "cross and crown." > > You may be right, but before we are stopped, let me just briefly explain > why. I think it needed a powerful and seemingly invincible empire, > particularly one with good communications. Otherwise people seeking > power or seeking refuge from an oppressive life would just have > exploited ordinary outlets.
I understand. I am assuming that the 'Hellenic Empire' did in fact set up a road network at least as comprehensive as the Roman one *here* and that at the time Christ the empire was as powerful and seemingly as invincible as the Roman one.
> I got the impression that your Hellenistic > empire crumbled just like the historical one did. Maybe I just read too > fast.
No, no - I mention its bringing Gaul and eventually Britain under its control. The eventual break-up occurs because of the same or similar external pressures that afflicted the western Roman empire, i.e during the 5th & 6th centuries CE. Perhaps I'd better rewrite the relevant page and make it clear that the Empire _did_ survive Alexander's death. I agree: if, indeed, it had fallen apart immediately after his death, things would've been different. ----------------------------------- Lars Finsen wrote: > Den 29. jan. 2008 kl. 08.50 skrev Philip Newton: >> >> (And I noticed afterwards that I forgot a few accents.) > > I missed some breathing markers too. Are they left out on purpose, or what? I hope they're left out on purpose, because TAKE doesn't use them :) {quote} Josephos Peanou disregarded most of the diacritics invented by the Alexandrian grammarians and used in Byzantine and later editions of ancient and Koine Greek texts; he retained only two, the acute accent (´) to denote stress and the trema (¨) to denote diaeresis. {/unquote} TAKE is psilotic like Modern Greek, ancient eastern Ionian and like Vulgar Latin and the Romance languages :) -- Ray ================================== ================================== Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitudinem.


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