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Re: WHAT calendar for the current year 2012

From:R A Brown <ray@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 30, 2008, 8:34
Philip Newton wrote:
> On Jan 28, 2008 9:36 AM, R A Brown <ray@...> wrote: >> Philip Newton wrote: >>> (Perhaps I should also make a smaller-file-size version with >>> scaled-down images for viewing onscreen, which don't need as high a >>> resolution.) >> 'twould be worth thinking about - it is taking quite a time to download, >> but what I have seen looks very good. > > Done: - only 260 kB, > a 13th of the original filesize, and still more-or-less decent image > quality. > > I also fixed a couple of mistakes such as missing accents, and added > some city and country names.
Aw - and last evening I spent some time going through captions, making comments. Now I'll have to start again ;) But one thing became apparent, namely that the calendar is assuming that the same cities exist and that (or very similar) human artifacts are built in those cities in WHAT as *here*. A big assumption. However, we can be certain that the Matterhorn is the same in both universes :) The city names do pose some problems, which I have commented upon (be patient and wait for that email). I stopped, in fact, at Brussels. Do we assume that there is a country in WHAT called 'Belgio(n)' and that it is bilingual? If so, what are the languages? That Dutch/Flemish might be essentially he same in WHAT (apart, of course, from borrowings from Latin and the Romancelangs - since Latin never achieved its classical status and died out early on, and there were _no_ Romancelangs); but the other language would be the Helleniclang of Gaul ("Galliote"?). So is the TAKE name for the city to be based on 'Bruxelles' (the current Romancelang name), 'Brussel' (the Dutch/Flemish name) or what? What do people do in their own conlangs in the case of bilingual nations? -- Ray ================================== ================================== Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitudinem.


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