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DECAL: Examples #4: Interesting Sentences

From:Sai Emrys <saizai@...>
Date:Saturday, January 15, 2005, 3:51
Woot. Thank y'alls for the excellent responses so far. Before my next
question of a similarly specific nature, a light interlude:

Q1: Give me four examples of sentences from your conlang. (If they're
different enough to warrant it, then add "per conlang" ;-))

1. The most "prototypical" sentence you can think of. (Esp. for those
of you with concultures that go with them.)

2. The most complicated.

3. The most telling or otherwise interesting - something that shows
off the worldview, neat linguistic tricks, or other cool features.

4. Choose something!

For each of them, be sure to include the full interlinear - surface
form, underlying morphology, morpheme translation, literal
translation, figurative translation. (Omit layers that are identical.)
And remind us what the name of the conlang is.

If you have it, give explanations for any oddities that aren't
immediately obvious - interesting differences between the literal and
figurative translations, weird morphemes, etc.

And of course:

Q2: If you haven't already, give the background story, motivations,
goals, etc., behind the sentences.

 - Sai


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