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Re: Good Enough for Folk Etymology

From:Michael Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Monday, June 5, 2006, 10:37
Crapper, from Thomas Crapper, the people who made the first
porcellien flush toilets?

Hooker, from Fightting Joe Hooker, who was famous for allowing
camp followers along, called "Hookers Girls".

I expect there is more, wierd is when you get a word that is
based on a persons name, when there maybe good word that could
be used, but it is not..

Brand names..

Coca Cola = from Coca the plant the original Coke was partially
made from?

Pepsi = I belive it is from a name of either that it Peps you
up, or the drug/chemical that is common in it, was like Pepside?
So you felt Peped up?

Fun when people forget the origin of a word and its history.


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Subject: Good Enough for Folk Etymology

> Let's think up some entertainingly spurious derivations for
common words
> and phrases. > > Barbecue - From "Bar Becu", Jewish surname, mentioned in an
apocryphal fragment
> > "And in those days there was drought, and great famine in the
land. And
> Joseph Bar Becu went to the Temple of the LORD, and there he
made burnt
> offerings, so that the LORD might send rain upon the earth." > > Pete