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CHAT: sluttishness (was: RE: Bob's Introduction)

From:And Rosta <a.rosta@...>
Date:Friday, March 3, 2000, 13:20
> I myself am an incorrigible conlang slut. I love oral lex. Last night I > put another notch on my bedpost, this one for Pitakosilano > ( I just got finished with a > sketch of YASROE, Yet Another Spelling Reform of English. It's probably a > one-night stand. > > Anyone got a cigarette? > > Jeffrey > > P.S. No doubt my unfortunate choice of analogy is to make up for the Real > World, where I got married at 21 to the first girl I'd made it to second > base with. The dangers of spending too much of high school in front of a > computer langmaking instead of in the back of a car swinging!
I've been working on the same one conlang since I was 14, writing the same poem since I was 14, and with the same woman since I was 19. There's been no other poem since I was about 21, no other ab initio a priori conlang ever, and no other s.o. since 19. I am, however, a despairingly enthusiastic smoker (since 16). I am 33 now. I have tended to think of the long time spent on the poem and conlang as evidencing a reprehensible inability to bring things to completion, but it's nice to realize that it can be seen in a more positive quasi-uxorious light. --And.