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g0miileg0 (wasRe: PimsleurApproach language courses)

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 15:02
In a message dated 2003:11:11 11:31:29 AM, paul-bennett@NC.RR.COM writes:

>On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 19:34:27 +0100, Andreas Johansson <andjo@...> >wrote: > >> I can only say I'm disconcerted to see Swedish on their list of "Exotic" >> languages ... > >Well, how many other Dutch/Chinese creoles are there? ;-)
Planti Lol i.e. likah Hong Kong/Macau Neggerhollands, lah! BTW = mii g0miileg0 izt <Ne0Ge0Futurizm0> _saibamangalang_* nipp0-grek0Roman0 kre0leg0 = ^ * _saiba-_ = "cyber-" --- *DiDJiBuNgA!!* --- Hanuman "Stitch" Zhang, MangaLanger Language[s] change[s]: vowels shift, phonologies crash-&-burn, grammars leak, morpho-syntactics implode, lexico-semantics mutate, lexicons explode, orthographies reform, typographies blip-&-beep, slang flashes, stylistics warp... linguistic (R)evolutions mark each-&-every quantum leap... "Some Languages Are Crushed to Powder but Rise Again as New Ones" - title of a chapter on pidgins and creoles, John McWhorter, _The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language_ = ! gw3rraa leg0set kaakaa! ! riis3rvaa, saaIlvaa, riikuu, sk0paa-g0mii aen riizijkl0! = (Fight Linguistic Waste! Save, Salvage, Recover, Scavenge and Recycle!) <A HREF="">nachtschimmen |'Night Shades': music,theatre,language</A>