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Re: CHAT: Distances among Communities

From:Don Blaheta <dpb@...>
Date:Monday, March 15, 1999, 8:47
Quoth Brian Betty:
> It's odd to think that Rhode Islanders feel a dark hostility towards > Connecticutians ... and a mixture of anger and jealousy at > Massachusetts residents ... and *Rhode Island* is roughly the size of > Houston TX or Anchorage AK!
I've only lived in Providence for about a year and a half, and already I'm beginning to perceive the accent differences between, for instance, Cranstoners and Attleborans (two towns separated by maybe ten miles). I've been known to make comments like "oh, but Connecticut is so far away!" where it's actually less far (both time and distance) than an inter-suburban commute around my native Chicago---about which we think _nothing at all_. I think it's something in the air here. (Quick quiz: how many of you have seen a RI license plate? Not many, I bet---and yet there are something like 1.3M people living here. They just don't travel much. I don't even see them much on the road between here and Boston, fercryinoutloud.)
> New England is fun, but weird.
Yup. I love it! -- -=-Don<>-=- Le kel vivar per espade morir per arkebusenbolte.