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Tangential frivolity

From:James Campbell <james@...>
Date:Sunday, October 11, 1998, 14:15
Apologies, in advance, to any here present who may object to frivolous
matters being raised on this list. However, this is a minor linguistic
challenge which might appeal to some.

To promote the forthcoming Fourth International Jameld Day, on November
14th, I am preparing a web page for my site which will remain afterwards as
a historical record of the event, accompanied by as many digital photos of
the celebrations as we can get. After an innocent comment I made a while
ago, certain of my Jameld-appreciating friends have decided that the ideal
slogan to use in the promotion is: "Absolutely no llamas." In an effort to
turn this slightly embarrassing situation to advantage, and specifically to
emphasise the linguistic theme of the occasion, I'd like to use this slogan
in *as many different languages as possible*. The idea is that it would
appear as if on a warning sign, along the lines of "Absolutely No Llamas
[Permitted]"; a multilingual collage would appear on the web page, as well
as at the event itself.

I would like to invite anyone who can be bothered to provide translations
of this phrase into any lang, nat- or con-, to do so. (Fictional example:
"Absolut kener laamer.") If you wish to be included in this frivolous
project, please send entries to me BY PRIVATE EMAIL, not to the list as
this will annoy everyone. If your text is not HTML-reproducible, due to the
inclusion of interesting diacritical marks or because it is a graphical
representation of alien tentacles, please send a graphic (preferably a
1-bit GIF). I'll try to include on the site anything I receive by November
1st, with acknowledgements and possibly links to contributors.

Just for the record, I like llamas. It's nothing personal, just that the
pub where the event will be held don't allow fleecy ruminants.



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