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From:Mathias M. Lassailly <lassailly@...>
Date:Sunday, October 11, 1998, 9:13
Herman wrote :

On Sat, 10 Oct 1998 14:07:55 -0300, Pablo Flores
> <fflores@...> wrote: > > >c) Case markers are prefixed (Carlos and Mathias both proposed > >this, and we the others have stayed silent), so adpositions have to > >be postfixed according to b). > > But my proposed system has gender/number prefixes and case suffixes. I = > just > didn't have time to get around to it last night.
Yes, we have noticed that some prefer suffixes and others prefixes... from the very first post of our project :-)) In my last post I propose to vote on such issues. If the poll is not quite reflecting your preference, please tell us.
> > >Finally, I think we could begin creating some words... This is > >a big step, but necessary to try these wonderful theorical > >structures we've made up. For my part, here are some (to be > >discarded later, if you want to). > > > >frar- "dog" > >kjak- "bite, bit" > >wiv- "red" > >s- "I, me, first person" > >qaun- "hard, strong" > > Examples for some of these might be useful, especially since "hard" and > "strong" have numerous meanings in English. > > >Case markers: > >a- agent > >pe- patient > >di- predicate > >ys- undergoer > >mu- modifier > > I don't especially like pe- or ys-.
I know you artists take great care of that :-) Ok, why not limit the first mock case tags to VOWELS ? Nobody will complain it's not nice, (which will be inevitably the case with consonants, I know that much ;-)
> > >Other markers: > >-o, -i (dummy gender markers) > >-ul past tense > >-e present tense > > > >_afraro pesi dikjakul_ > >a-fraro pe-si di-kjak-ul > >agent-dog patient-I predicate-bite-past > >"The dog bit me" > > Iin the case system I proposed that would be: > a-frar-a s-u kjak-ul > the-dog-agent I-patient bite-past > > or using -u as a perfective suffix, and putting the tense on the noun:
Ditto : I propose vowels (or consonants ?) as suffixes
> > a-frar-ul-a s-u kjak-u > the-dog-past-agent I-patient bite-perfective > > a-frar-a s-ul-u kjak-u > the-dog-agent I-past-patient bite-perfective > > >_ysfraro diwive_ or _ysfraro muwive_ ? > >undergoer-dog predicate-red-present or modifier-red-present ? > >"The dog is red" > > > >Is "being red" a real predicate? Or should we use a modifier > >in final (verbal) position to rended the "to be" copula? > > Being able to distinguish predicates from modifiers might be useful for > word order flexibility: we could say "the-dog red-modifier" for "the red > dog" without having it be confused for "the dog is red".
Yes, that's the very difference between 'vocabulary' and 'sentence' to make it short and jargon-less.
> > >Note that if stems always end in a consonant as we decided, > >at least a postfixed inflection will have to be added in order > >not to produce invalid syllables such as _kjak_ (stops are not > >allowed in syllable-final position). This should be gender for > >nouns, and tense for verbs... at least a generic tense. > > or aspect.
Yes, I prefer aspect rather than tense, because it's easier to show tense with an adverb or a noun, and easier to show aspect affixed to verb (see Japanese, Slavic languages) But Pablo and others will like tense affixes, so I'm OK with that.
> > >A final example: > > > >jol- "leg" > >la "in" (postp) > > (specifically "in" as "location of action", or can it also be used for > "inside"?) > > >_afraro jolo la pesi dikjakul_ > >"The dog bit me in the leg" > > > >_jolo la_ "in the leg" is before _pesi_ "me" because it's supposed > >to modify it somehow (it's my leg, not anyone else's). > >
Hold on : you're mixing here absolute attribute : my leg (vs. relative attribute : 'my house' vs. 'my home') indirect patient : I'm bitten to the leg spacial semantic meaning of words : in = in the inside part of the leg, or : at the leg, or : on the inside of the leg (in case of empty leg :-), or : through the inside of the leg, etc (pant pant) isn't it a bit too early ? :-) Mathias ----- See the original message at -- Free e-mail group hosting at