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Don't mean to offend, but...

From:João Ricardo Oliveira <hokstein@...>
Date:Saturday, March 29, 2003, 22:13
Don't mean to offend, but there are TOO many off-topic posts in this group! I spent
some days without email and got 800 messages from CONLANG at once. I was
surprised at how many of them had nothing to do at all with conlanging. I
understand that you people are friends and want to chat like friends do, but
it's very tiresome to skip dozens of small-talk to get to that single email
that interests you.

You will probably say "just delete it". Well, I don't mind to do so now and then,
but this last days I guess there were more off-topic than on-topic postings.
Hard to learn anything about conlaning this way.

João Ricardo Oliveira


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