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Re: CHAT: The profile of a conlanger

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Saturday, October 30, 1999, 2:07
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De: Paul Bennett <Paul.Bennett@...>
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Enviado: Jueves 28 de Octubre de 1999 06:15
Asunto: The profile of a conlanger

> I don't know how much credence y'all might give this kind of thing, but
> interested in the "meta" of conglanging, as measured in as many ways. > > > > This classifies "temprament types" into 16 groups, and though this kind of > labelling can easily be denigrated, IMO it might be at the very least fun
to see
> if we can add another trait to the "profile of an average conlanger" that
> apparently arrived at a while ago. Lars mentioned it when we were in
> and IIRC it went a little like this: > > male > non-hetrosexual > left-handed > goatee-wearing > dark-haired
For me: male heterosexual (with a 2 1/2 years old relationship) right-handed (left is only useful to bring fork to mouth and hold the driving whele) no beard allowed from girlfriend or mummy... (but lazy to shave diarly) black-haired and dark-skinned
> Anyone who wants to share their results is encouraged to, either publicly
> privately. I turn out to be INTP, apparently, which I interpret as
meaning I
> ought to be an auxlanger instead of an artlanger. My earliest conlang
> were auxlangs, I suppose, so there may be something in it after all...
I don't remember what I was when I took it... either INTP or INFP I guess. I'm definitively an I. -- Carlos Th