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Re: Lin: clauses - Part 1.

From:Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 16, 2002, 5:04
I tried to mail this last evening, but for some reason it got returned
'undelivered' - so I'll try again:

At 9:59 pm +0200 14/4/02, Christophe Grandsire wrote:
>En réponse à Raymond Brown <ray.brown@...>: > >> >> Thanks for the claps - much appreciated. I do wonder occasionally as >> I'm >> wading through Lin whether anyone's still reading it. ;) >> > >Well, I do. It's just that this language is so far from my usual thoughts that >I have literally nothing to say about it, except: "wow!" :))
I know the feeling :) [snip]
>> longer AFAIK on this list; I find it quite enlightening to get input >> from >> those who come from outside the western Amero-European tradition. >> > >Me too. There's nothing nicer and more refreshing than someone whose first >language is not Indo-European :)) (or Indo-European but different from the >Greco-Latino-Germanic center :)) ).
Srikanth is a Tamil speaker IIRC. --------------------------------------------------------------- At 6:51 pm -0400 14/4/02, Roger Mills wrote:
>Ray Brown wrote:
>>Thanks for the claps - much appreciated. I do wonder occasionally as I'm >>wading through Lin whether anyone's still reading it. ;) > >Yes, if only because it is said to be the language of telepaths.
Yes, I think the telepaths are Srikanth's 'excuse' for the language. his main aim quite clearly was to see how compact he could make a language be. Then there's the thought: "Who's going need such a compact language?" "People who communicate a (great) speed"
>The Kash, >as you undoubtedly know, have telepathic ability, not yet explored by me. I >have no idea how it might work.
It depends, I think, whether telepathy is their chief medium of communication or not. If it's the only means, one has quite a problem as I think one probably requires some method of 'parallel' written communication ;)
>Alas, I don't think a Lin-type language is >the answer-- but it's very interesting, may give rise to some ideas-- and, >as Jon said, it's baroquely complex, always an appealing quality IMO..
I agree. ------------------------------------------------------------------ At 11:36 pm -0400 14/4/02, John Cowan wrote:
>Raymond Brown scripsit: > >> euroclonic conlangs > >This charming neologism makes me think of all the paired neurological >words in -tonic and -clonic, meaning respectively "tensed" and "twitching". >So if Esperanto is a euroclonic language, what would a eurotonic language >be, or be like?
Ido. :) Ray. ====================== XRICTOC ANECTH ======================