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Re: New Language - Examples

From:Chris Bates <chris.maths_student@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 15, 2004, 12:07
I forgot to mention that cr = /kx/ is an affricate also. :) Although it
sounds a little like I'm trying to clear a blockage from my throat lol.....

> Right... I guess I ought to describe how to pronounce everything first > (hopefully all the X-SAMPA is right :) ). > þ /T/ ð /D/ > t /t/ d /d/ n /n/ s /s/ z /z/ l /l/ ts /ts/ dz /dz/ (affricates) > x /S/ j /Z/ tx /tS/ dj /dZ/ (affricates) > tt /c/ dd /J\/ ñ /J/ ry /j\/ y /j/ ll /L/ > c /k/ g /g/ q /N/ r /x/ w /M\/ > h /h/ > ' /?/ (also used to show contractions like in french) > Vowels: > i /i/ e /e/ a /a/ o /o/ u /@/ > â /i:/ ê /e:/ î /i:/ ô /o:/ > Stress: Mainly tonal, falls on second syllable of word unless marked > otherwise by an acute accent. Stressed vowels are always long. > Now, the examples Roldox asked for (I might have made a mistake or > two... and I don't think my translation of elvis is very good... it > didn't really go well into what I've got so far). >