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Unicode Charts (was Re: Mixed-case orthography)

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Sunday, March 5, 2000, 3:27
On 3 Mar 00, at 23:22, And Rosta wrote:

> John: > > Well, there are occasional changes at the margin: there is IPA-1997, IPA- > > 1994, IPA-1989, etc. For example, the CLOSED OMEGA (U+0277) > > My students used to love that one. Endearingly, they thought its resemblance > to a pair of buttocks hilarious. > > > formerly used for a semi-high back rounded vowel has now been replaced by > > U+028A, a stylized upsilon, and a small-cap I is now used instead of iota > > for a semi-high front unrounded vowel. But in general you are right. > > Not when it comes to clicks. I deplore, anathematize, loathe, hate, detest, > abominate the new africanist symbols that replaced the old ones. And there > should be a law against removing symbols once they've been official. > > --And. >
I don't know if I'm way behind the news here, but has anyone else been to recently? It's (in the middle of being) updated to Unicode 3.0 The htmlised charts aren't completely ready yet, but there are very extensive and detailed (and impressive) pdf files online for anyone who's interested. RANT: Of course, in a civilised world, we'd all boycott pdf for being a proprietary format, but at least the viewer is a free (small 'f') download and is available for a majority of popular platforms. Is the newest IPA the "Revised to 1993, Updated 1996" version? If not, does anybody know where I can get access to the latest version? FWIW, The "1993/96" version is at --- Pb