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CHAT: 10-year anniversary (was Re: CHAT: Re: More enter-bringings)

From:Paul Bennett <paulnkathy@...>
Date:Sunday, March 5, 2000, 2:50
On 4 Mar 00, at 2:25, taliesin the storyteller wrote:

> To sum it up, nothing special but it sure beats tv...
> t. (when *is* the the 10-year anniversary and should we cook up > something to properly celebrate it?)
If we've long enough to arrange something, I think it'd be cool to try and get as many current (and any willing past) listmembers under one roof as possible for a Megaconlangcon (or would it be a Conlangmegacon? ;-) Also, *if* we can get something going without it turning into 'war of the auxlangers' again, I'd suggest that the Conlang t-shirt could be (part of) a suitable memento. Possibly, whoever decides to run it this time (Fabian was the original host, but I believe at least one other person expressed an interest) could run a private ballot by off-list email to determine which conlangs not designed by current listmembers ought to be included. The final result would be final, binding and non-negotiable (and preferably not discussable on-list :-), based on the top quartile of votes received (or some similar pre-determined purely statistical method). Another suggestion might be a set of (light-hearted) awards for conlangs in categories such as "most longwinded", "least pronounceable", "least readable romanisation", "least likely to succeed as an auxlang", "best website", "most unusual phoneme" and so forth... :-) --- Pb