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Tao Te Bones (was: Academia as a Conlang)

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 10, 2002, 22:43
agricola scripsit:

> If you can express the profundities of the Way solely via medical jargon; then > I suppose you can call it an actual language (it would be a sort of conlang).
The innominate bone that can be named Is not a true bone. Its name is not a true name. The skeletal system Begins in the innominate; The pelvic girdle Is the mother of the 206 things. So the X-ray machine Sees what it can see And the X-ray technician Sees what he expects to see. -- John Cowan <jcowan@...> Yakka foob mog. Grug pubbawup zink wattoom gazork. Chumble spuzz. -- Calvin, giving Newton's First Law "in his own words"