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Re: Academia as a Conlang

From:agricola <agricola@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 10, 2002, 22:28
Mike wrote:

>Could it be called a Conlang or Auxlang or just specific additions to >the normal language.
If you can express the profundities of the Way solely via medical jargon; then I suppose you can call it an actual language (it would be a sort of conlang). In actuality, it's just extra (often abbreviated) vocabulary tacked onto the normal language. You can still break it all down into basic English syntax and structure, no matter how weird the words sound.
>To join the profession, you must learn all the words and terms.
If only it were that easy!
>Torts, or Coronary Bypass, Subdurel Hemotoma, or Velar Fricatives. >Do the Acadmic >subset have to exist at all?Or is is just people >wanting to be precise or >just make themselves feel special? And why >they spent 4 years in medical >school, with atleast a year of it learning >terms?
It helps to know the etiology of the hematoma in question; not to mention what can be done about it and why. And what to watch out for when doing something. Each step requires new words. Most of that time in med school is spent comming to terms with the science of medicine. It's a lot of vocabulary: not just simple things like "oo that's a bone" - well, what kind of bone and what are twenty of its major landmarks? And the years of residency following are spent orienting yourself to the art of medicine. You'd be amazed how many third year residents mix up simple things like "lateral" and "medial". Padraic.


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