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first person plural

From:Dennis Paul Himes <himes@...>
Date:Monday, January 15, 2007, 2:50
    Seezzitonian now has both inclusive and exclusive first person.  In the
plural they've been distinguished by whether or not the second person is
included.  In the singular the exclusive is usually used, the inclusive
reserved for certain rhetorical situations (stage soliloquies, talking to
oneself, certain oaths).  I've decided to change the distinction in the
plural to be keyed off of whether or not a third person is included.  So
first person inclusive plural would mean the speaker and listener(s) and no
one else, while first person exclusive plural would mean the speaker, at
least one person neither the speaker or a listener, and possibly also the
listener(s).  I'll keep the singular as it is.
    The problem is that "inclusive" and "exclusive" are no longer very good
terms for the distinction.  Does anyone have any good suggestions for better
terms?  Is this an anadewism?  Are there already standard terms?


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