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OT Re: Word Lists-- The Bongo-Bongo sentences en ingles

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, June 27, 2003, 21:10
Thomas Wier wrote:
> Alan Clark was one of Thatcher's foreign ministers during the mid 80's. > He passed away recently; here's one online (unorthodox) obituary: >
(snip most of touching tribute)
>There are quite a few things the > obituaries didn't mention. In the mid eighties Clark referred to > Africa as "bongo-bongo land". >
Most likely he (like me) was influenced by the pop song of the late 40s/early 50s "Civilization (Take it away!)" (frequent mentions on google) which began-- "Bongo-bongo-bongo, I don't want to leave the Congo...."