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Week 13 Exercise

From:John L. Leland <countsirjehan@...>
Date:Friday, June 27, 2003, 18:58
In Rihana-ye:
1. One should bow when pasing the temple.
Vebaka vibasa-the vejomiwa-me *vuno-bi.
He/she temple-beside goingtime-in bow-must

2. It is a tradition, and traditions tell us where we stand with God (the
Se ha *wiwakeha, ge wiwakeha-fe sebaka-fe-de helehana-me sebaka-fe Tiva-fe-be
This time tradition and traditions us-to where-in we gods-to stand.
The latter part, translating less literally,might be:
here sebaka-fe-ye joha-fe tiva-fe-deke vi
if our actions gods-for holy

3. So you want to know the origin of this tradition? I'll tell you. I don't
Feba se wiwakeha-ye *byjosiha levajo-gi givajo-hi? Seba feba-de wivaro. Seba
he levajo.
You (sing.m) this tradition-of origin know-to desire-query. I (sing.m.)
you-to say. I not know.

4. But it's a tradition, so I shall uphold it.
Sepe se ha wiwakeha, se kere seba se ha *vutebo-vi.
But this thing tradition, this from  I this thing uphold-will.

5. Everyone I meet encourages me to do so.
Fufe baka-fe seba *bevejo seba se ha jo-gi *mevajo.
More native word order: seba bevejo-mi fufe baka-fe se ha jo-gi mevejo.

6. If I don't uphold the traditions, a lynch mob will show up.
Here seba wiwake-ha-fe he vutebo-vi, herobakaha vejo-vi.
If I traditions not uphold, lynch mob come-will.
Note: "heroba" a strangler is really a member of a cult like the former
Indian Thuggee.
herobakaha would be a group of male and female Thugs.

7.-8. I wish to keep the goodwill of high society.
Seba ti bakafeha-ye kiva *vefebo-gi givajo.
I high *society (m/f)-of kindness keep-to desire.

9. Perhaps I'll be a magistrate some day.
Jehe vewa-me seba vujotiba jo-si-vi.
Perhaps future-in I magistrate-made--be-will

10. All will honor me ans swoon at my name, for I will be famous.
Baka-fe seba-be *nutijo-vi, ge seba-ye sevaroha-be *duwono-vi, se kere seba
People (m/f) me-to honor-will and my name-to swoon-will, this from I


John Leland <leland@...>