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Juggling Consonants and Vowels

From:Vima Kadphises <vima_kadphises@...>
Date:Thursday, July 6, 2000, 15:04
Speaking of the Chinese communities in Europe...

 Initially, I wasn't going to bother posting the German variety of this type of
game, but no one else has mentioned it; it goes something like this:
"Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabaß,

Sassen auf der Straße und erzählen sich was.
Da komm die Polizei, na was ist den daß?
Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabaß!"
 In successive rounds, all of the vowels are replaced by one other vowel (eg.
drö Chönösön möt döm Köntröböß...)
 This reminds me a little of the "Name Game," which I have always loathed for
obvious reasons. For those of you who have not been thus tormented, it goes
something like this, in its simplest form:
     you take a name like "Barry" - and the song comes out like
"Barry Barry bo barry, banana fana fo farry, me my mo marry, Barry!"
     or "Glen" and you have
"Glen Glen bo blen, banana fana fo flen, me my mo mlen, Glen!"
 Kids can keep up with this for hours. They derive a special thrill when the
permutations of different names permit them to form curse words (I still hate
to be called Chuck, probably for this very reason). It would be interesting to
see which languages juggle consonants in this way and which languages juggle
vowels like the songs that you folks have just mentioned. Perhaps, like
English, most languages will have both types of games? I don't know of any
other equivalents to the Name Game...
-Chollie (Chollie bo bollie, banana fana fo follie, me my mo mollie, Chollie!)

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