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Re: Bahasa Indonesia (was: One language for the world)

From:Andre Militante <yatland@...>
Date:Friday, June 9, 2000, 5:10
> >Same problem as for Tagalog : > > Ref. Barry's post. Yes, it seems Pilipino > is mainly a lot of > regional vocabulary on top of Tagalog grammar. A > little like trying to > combine Engl. and Dutch-- engl. words and > pronunciation with Dutch grammar-- > wouldn't satisfy anyone! Tagalog also probably > didn't have the same > widespread lingua franca status in the PI, as Malay > (even bad forms) did in > Indonesia.
Actually, Pilipino is mainly a LITTLE of regional vocab on top of Tagalog grammar. Although the goal was originally to make Pilipino out of a lot of regional vocabulary on top of Tagalog grammar, it didn't turn out to be that way, that's why there has been much resentment anywhere, especially in Cebu City, where they believe Cebuano should have been made the basis for Pilipino. Pilipino has instead evolved from the Tagalog spoken in Metropolitan Manila, a melting pot area of all Pilipinos.
> A final disturbing fact: Some analysts suspect, and > tradition/legendary > history even suggests, that "Malay" itself is some > kind of pidgin, or maybe > better, koine. The story goes that when the trading > center at Malacca was > founded, nobody could understand the various langs., > so they took "the best" > from each and created a new language!!!
I don't take this as disturbing in any way :) Andre __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! Photos -- now, 100 FREE prints!