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My first conlang (Xetaha)

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Friday, June 9, 2000, 2:46
I recently posted a composition in my newest language based on an old (1988)
poem by myself.  I used it because it could show up parts of the structure
of the language given the repetition of some structures and I had translate
that poem into French, English, Swedish and my first conlang: Rithian.

Well, I want you to take a look at the Rithian version (probably from 1991).


xetaha chhas polle sheha el xeteha chhas laohe sheh.
xetaha le lah el la xetaha fil jewi.
xetaha le xetah el la xetaha fil jewi.
xetaha chhas folle doha el xetaha chhas folle rre doha.
xetaha chhas la dohe.  el xetaha tow laz xetan.
chho xetaha chhas xetaha kal finaha xetahnn tochha.

Pronunciation: IPA values except for:
 <h>: glotal stop when intervocalic, lengthens previous vowel if syllable
final, mude otherwise.
 <chh>: /tS_h/
 <sh>: /tS/
 <j>: /j\/ voiced palatal fricative.
 <rr>: voiced apico-alveolar trill
(note that first letter in sentences are not capitalized)

-- Carlos Th

Odio: 1988
Je hais: 1988
I hate: 1988
Jag hatar: 1990
xeteha: 1991 (?)
Jag avskyr: 1991 (?)
Tscelis: 2000
Dhyoiadeimaas: 2000 (by Antony M. Miles)
(I have probably missed another translations... I guess I once attempted
translating it into Esperanto)