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Re: Bahasa Indonesia (was: One language for the world)

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, June 9, 2000, 18:40
> Ref. Barry's post. Yes, it seems Pilipino is mainly a lot of >regional vocabulary on top of Tagalog grammar. A little like trying to >combine Engl. and Dutch-- engl. words and pronunciation with Dutch >grammar-- >wouldn't satisfy anyone! Tagalog also probably didn't have the same >widespread lingua franca status in the PI, as Malay (even bad forms) did >in >Indonesia.
No, Tagalog doesnt have a lot of regional vocabulary from around the Philippines. And I think it's probably too late to change that now.
> > > >A final disturbing fact: Some analysts suspect, and tradition/legendary >history even suggests, that "Malay" itself is some kind of pidgin, or >maybe >better, koine. The story goes that when the trading center at Malacca was >founded, nobody could understand the various langs., so they took "the >best" >from each and created a new language!!!
I dont find that disturbing. I think it's very interesting. Couldnt you say English has a similar situation? :) ________________________________________________ All the simple things are simply too complicated for my life