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"Merry Christmas" rendered into Acadon

From:Acadon <acadon@...>
Date:Friday, December 24, 1999, 23:16
To all of you Conlangers, "Merry Christmas!"

In its Acadonian format, this becomes:

"Wesela Cristum Fiesto!"

1) Acadon is designed to use roots that will be
somewhat familiar around the world.
2) But that this global approach, in fact, will
lead to quite a significant Latin/Romance input.

"Happy Noel to You All!" in Acadon would be:
"Felixa Cristum Nasco oe Ni Omna!"

But note that "Happy Noel to You-all!" would be:
"Felixa Cristum Nasco oe Nimen!"

[NOTE: Pronounced as in Spanish, but with x = sh;
and accents on final vowels. Note that Acadon has
many "two word lexemes" with an -um ending on the
first element. The word "fiesto" alone means
"holiday" -- while "nasco" means 'birth.']

Additionally, those in such places as Japan,
India, or China might wish to say: "Merry Xmas
to All!" which would be:
"Wesela Crismaso oe Omna!"

1) "Christmas" in Japanese is "kurisumasu" with
the u's rather minimal.
2)  A consonant sequence such as -stm- can never
exist in Acadon. No Acadon syllable ever ends in
two consonants.
3) "Crismaso" is not a compound word.]

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" in Acadon
would be:
"Wesela Cristum Fiesto dan un Felixa Nova Nianuo!"

The "New Years Day" holiday itself, Jan.1, would
be: "Nianuium Fiesto."

1) The -um ending becomes -ium after a -u-.
2)The various words above show a good deal of
Latin and/or modern Romance, with touches of
Greek, Chinese, Indonesian, Slavic, "generalized
Indo-European," and even a bit of the a-priori
thrown in for good measure.]

Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season,


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