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Re: conlang greetings? (was Re: Let me introduce myself)

From:nicole dobrowolski <fuzzybluemonkeys@...>
Date:Friday, November 30, 2001, 3:38
--- Hiroshi Kato froge sionk:
> By the way, I confess some of the words of Ka are 'inspired' by > 'Neon > Genesis Evangelion.' :-) > Have you guys on the list got the same kind of experience? >
well i haven't taken any words from anime (and i must admit my anime experience is limited to sailor moon, poke'mon, and 2 episodes of ranma 1/2) but i do take words from other sources... the word for 'scar' is 'forde' after harrison ford (the actor... who rocks whether in space or in a fedora)... the word for evil is 'spike' after the character spike from 'buffy: the vampire slayer'... and then i use my own idiosyncrasies (for example: naming one of the bathroom stalls in my dorm 'harvey' and then using 'harvi' to mean bathroom in narethanaal)... i have also stolen several words from german, english, and polish and a lot of the time i come up with words by looking at a word in english and then rearranging the letters... and of course there's the tried and true method of stealing other people's typos :)... i've also been thinking about stealing the 'farscape' curse words... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo! GeoCities - quick and easy web site hosting, just $8.95/month.


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