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From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Monday, April 16, 2001, 1:13
On Sat, 14 Apr 2001, Dan Jones wrote:

>Padraic, I've noticed that apart from Kernow and Dunnow, Y Rheion Padguar >seem rather sketchy. I was wondering if, as a resident of "Durow" (or >Dorset, as we call it *here* I could help fleshing it out. I know the area >quite well- enough to know that the "Islands" mentioned in the Grammar, >Portland and the Swanage Rocks are *not* islands! Portland is a peninsula >and the Rocks are just that, rocks, which are only seen at *very* low tides.
Who died and made thee god, eh? Eh? Besides, insla _means_ rocks. As well as island. So there. :P
>This is all a big excuse to get info on Durow, and to know more about the >dialect. Call it payment for the Norreyna lessons ;o). Which *are* in the >process of being made!
Lawks. That means I'd best get busy! All I really know about it is that it is truly in decline and not often spoken in public. As far as the little kingdom itself is concerned, its largest concerns are the RAF air bases. And, of course, the usual CN business. Otherwise it seems a fairly quiet place. Nice pubs. Too many Bloody Saxons in the opinons of many, especially in the eastern hundreds. The area has been overrun by England a number of times, as well as the Normans. Both have left their mark in one way or another. Most people speak Kerno on a daily basis; Brithenig, of course, on base. Mostly its old people, country folk and poor folk that speak Deuro regularly; and then only at home. And many of them speak a sort of "broken" Deuro. Kind of like how bilingual people wander from one language to the other, sometimes mixing parts of the two. Here's the only text I've got of any length, found in a catechism used to explain Ordo Missae to youngsters in school, glossed next to the Latin or Greek originals: En nomen del pateur, del fils ac de la yspiritu sant. [Latin] Domini teng mesericorth Xristi teng mesericorth Domini teng mesericorth [Greek] Pateur nosteur, qu'es en les célos; sia santificau le du nomen; awenia le du rialo; facia la þu voluntát, quomo en les célos quomo en la terra. Danos odia la nosteur panen cotiáno; ac verdano'las las nosteur dets, quomo verdamuselslas las els dets; ac ne duciasnos in tentaciounen; mai leéranos del mal. [Latin] 3o. Resurgit Xristos del morth! [Greek] 3o. Verconquere Iesus Xristos! [Greek] /En 'nom@n dEl 'patWr dEw'fis ag dE lE'spiritu sant 'domIni tE~ mEsErEkurT 'xristi tE~ mEsErEkurT 'domini tE~ mEsErEkurT 'patWr 'nostWr kEs'En le'selos Sa ,santific'ao lE du 'nom@n a'wEnja lE du rjalo 'faSa lE t_hu ,volun'ta 'komo En le'selos 'komo en lE tera 'danos 'odia lE 'nostWr 'pan@n kotS'ano ag vEr'danolEs lEs 'nostWr dEts 'komo vEr'damusEslEs lEs Es dEts ag n@ duk'jasnos En tenta'Sjun@n mai lE'eranos dEl mal rEsurZit xristos dEl murT vErkonkere jesus xristos/ Apparently, "3o." means "repeat thrice". Padraic.