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Re: In Search Of......Oethala

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, August 24, 2002, 15:35
Barbara Barrett wrote:

>Once again I ask your asistance, this time to see how well the oethala >crosses platforms. So what do you see below and what platform are you >working on. > >Œ upper case Oethala (O+E ligature) > >œ lower case oethala (o+e ligature) >
Windows 98, Outlook Express for email: my server sends me everything in 7-bit, so little boxes appear and I have to change the "language" setting to "Western Alphabet". But only certain characters suffer-- e.g. s-caron, and apparently oe lig.; umlauts, accents, thorn, edh come through unscathed. I do not understand. Msgs. from Pavel, Mau, Balasz (pardon my spelling) appear in large, bold Arial(?) with all accents intact, but of course they're sending in Central European. _Once_ I received a list msg from Padraic IIRC with real live IPA-- that, I really don't understand, as I don't to my knowledge have an IPA font or Unicode.


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