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Re: THEORY: irregular conlangs

From:Christophe Grandsire <grandsir@...>
Date:Friday, October 1, 1999, 7:13
Daniel Andreasson wrote:
> > Anyway. My two questions. What do you guys think > of this? And do you do this in your conlangs? > AFAIK, in most languages the copula verb is > irregular, but most conlangs seem to be very regular. > Am I right or wrong? I know many of you (as I once) > want an extremely logical language, one that you > have to invent because there aren't any logical > natlangs. But those of you who persue a natlangy > touch of your conlang, how far do you go in your > irregularities? >
Some natlangs are very regular in fact. Japanese for instance has a handful of irregular verbs and that's all. Even the Japanese possessive pronouns are formed regularly taking the personal pronouns and suffixing them with 'no': "of" like other nouns. On the other hand, you find also languages that are very irregular, or languages that have very regular nouns but very irregular verbs, or the other way round, etc... So when you want to make a naturalistic conlang, you have a very broad range from "fairly regular" to "bloody irregular" :) in which you can pick what you prefer. I can give you an example with my own languages: - Moten: regular morphological processes and regular sound changes that make the whole thing a mess seeming very irregular. - Azak: very very regular. But as it is a very agglutinating language with a very strict morphology, it's not a surprise and still is very naturalistic. - Reman: a Romance language, where the irregularities can be easily put into small categories. So it has little irregularities, but not that much. - Notya: completely regular, but it is the secret language of an organisation and its very special grammar is already difficult enough :) - Chasma"o"cho: comparable to English or French for its irregularities. As you can see, the range is very broad.
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