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Re: THEORY: irregular conlangs

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, October 2, 1999, 6:18
Ed Heil wrote:

> > For example, the conjugation of ts'a', "to hear/understand" in the > present is: > > sing dual-plural distributive plural > 1 diists'a' diits'a' dadiits'a' > 2 dinits'a' doohts'a' dadoohts'a' > 3 yidiits'a' yidiits'a' deidiits'a' > 3a jidiits'a' jidiits'a' dazhdiits'a' > > But 'aah, "to learn," is: > > bohoosh'aah bihwiil'aah bidahwiil'aah > bohoolh'aah bohoolh'aah bidahoolh'aah > yihoolh'aah yihoolh'aah yidahoolh'aah > bihojiil'h'aah bihojiilh'aah bidahojiilh'aah > > and "to walk around" is: > > naasha neiit'aash neiikai > nanina naah'aash naahkai > naagha naa'aash naakai > njigha nji'aash njikai > > (Thats one of the ones where the root changes acording to person: a, > 'aash, or kai.)
Utterly fascinating. If you were trying to think of the hardest and weirdest conlang to invent, I don't think you could come up with anything stranger than some of our own natlangs. Unless it was a different word for every noun in the language depending on whether it was mine, yours, or his (actually proposed!). And I think someone came up with a natlang that actually does that. That's still a possibility for Teonaht-- in words of relationship only. My father, your father, his father, where "father" in each instance would be a different word. God, religion, country, and language could also participate in this variation. No wonder Navajo was made the code language for the military.
> Now, there are certain more or less predicatble things (like yi and > ji in 3rd person, sh and n/lh in second person, da in distributive > plural), but it really just has to be memorized.
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