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A question on writing/typing

From:Axiem <axiem@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 20:52
Uh..yeah, Well I'm new to this list, and also have only one ConLang
(more ArtLang) that I have..(that being the one I'm asking about)...The
language (Called Dimel in English) has an alphabet of 36 characters (4
of which are just other letters with an accent), the alphabet is mainly
drawn from the English and Greek alphabets, and I know how to write it
freehand, and I set up macros for the 'special' chars in Word, however,
how would I be able to represent these chars with a normal ASCII set
used between mail, and also for HTML on my webpage on it (which I
haven't quite otten around to yet)...and are there any ideas on how to
go around doing this? Any help would be appreciated ^_^